Collection: Brikkon

Brikkon – buildable wooden building panels Brikkon consists of wooden panels that can be built on using clamping building blocks. Brikkon thought about the fact that more and more children are using the Internet and are therefore used to “instant gratification”. Therefore, children only build with clamping blocks according to building instructions and find it increasingly difficult for them to come up with their own constructions. Brikkon is intended as a “story starter” that immediately offers children a play world, but also encourages them to expand it creatively. Brikkon thus increases the gaming experience with building blocks such as Q-Bricks, the Danish market leader, etc.

Three themes: Brikkon World, Design and Big Bricks

In 2018, Brikkon launches a new line: Brikkon World. A tower, a bridge and a house. Together they form a new city because each object can be assembled or put together in many ways. And then you can further expand the new world with your own building blocks. Of course there is also our familiar Brikkon design line: with, for example, the tree house, the castle, the ninja temple and the spaceship. All parts of all Brikkons fit together and offer endless playing fun. In addition to the Brikkons for regular building blocks, there are also Brikkon Big Bricks for the little mini engineers with a house and airplane.

How does Brikkon work?

Brikkon consists of wooden structures that are specifically tailored to clamping blocks. The wooden parts can be easily pushed into each other and there are endless possibilities for adding clamping blocks (e.g. Q-Bricks or the Danish market leader). In addition to being able to build clamping blocks, you can also write and draw on the wood. A gift product that gives children more freedom to play with their toys.

The advantages of Brikkon

Each design comes in an elegant package that easily fits through the mailbox. With the help of very simple instructions, the plates are pushed together and your child can play with them. Brikkon is an addition to clamping blocks that increases the fun even further.