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70130 - Clicker counter / MINT LAB

70130 - Clicker counter / MINT LAB

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Number of components: 157

Assembly time: approx. 2 hours.

Model size: 13.5 x 6.5 x 12.2 cm

Educational Ugears STEM-Lab 3D Puzzle Counter. Discover it in AR

The “counter” registers repetitive actions. It is an integral part of a device called a “Hodometer”. The model has three cylindrical gears with the numbers 0 to 9 and a Maltese cross gear. Thanks to this combination, an interesting mechanical process can be observed: how the back and forth movement of the push button is converted into the rotational movement of the cylindrical gears with the numbers using the Maltese cross gear. The meter offers two options for data registration: using the push button on the top part of the case or using a rotary handle on the side part of the model. By pressing the push button or turning the handle, the counter advances one digit. As soon as it reaches 9, the Maltese cross gear grabs the next registration wheel and includes it in the count. Overall, the three-digit display of the counter can register values ​​from 1 to 999. To reset the counter manually, the front cover can be opened. Count the steps you take on your way home. Or how many people you meet on a walk through the park. How about the number of blue cars that drive past your house in an hour? Count the steps in your stairwell, at school, or at a friend's apartment.

Inventor and time of invention

A counter, the basic component of a hodometer, was invented in Ancient Greece by the mathematician and engineer Heron of Alexandria, who lived between 10 and 70 AD. lived. This counter measured stride length using the number of revolutions of the wheel. Later, the counter was improved and added a reduction mechanism that reduced the number of wheel revolutions depending on the measurement system (miles, leagues, kilometers) and reduced the displayed values.


Today, counters are used to count the number of passengers, visitors to an event, vehicles passing through certain checkpoints, sets or points in sports competitions, items produced in a production line, etc.


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