Kawada® nanoblock® NBC-348 grünes Schlagzeug - Speed Build | Review

Kawada® nanoblock® NBC-348 green drum kit - Speed ​​Build | Review

Speed ​​Build for the Kawada® nanoblock® model NBC-348 - green drums.
The model has 190 parts and a difficulty level of 2
Short explanation why I recommend using glue (water-soluble craft glue, which becomes transparent after hardening [so that the model can be dismantled later] or for a permanent connection, plastic glue e.g. from Revell): various models are very delicately built. Kawada® also sells adhesive in Japan. Due to the large selection of adhesives on the open market, the importer has decided not to offer the adhesive. If you want to have something of your delicate models for a long time, you should actually stick them, as models from Kawada® are less or not at all suitable for playing.
Available in my store in Hanover and my online shop, among others:
NBC-348 - Drum Set Green : Price 9.99 euros
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