Missing parts in kits

Inquiries about missing parts in kits

I assume no liability for the completeness of the kits I sell.

I assume no liability for missing parts in the individual kits.

The following companies do not have a direct spare parts service via the manufacturers: Xingbao, Wange and CaDA. I'm happy to try to organize replacements for these through wholesalers, but I can't guarantee that the corresponding parts will be available there. If parts are missing from these manufacturers and replacements are not available, please use the Bricklink site to obtain building blocks from the Danish market leader. There is currently no separate page for spare parts for suppliers from China.

The manufacturers Sluban, Cobi, Qman and some other companies have corresponding links to reorder defective or missing parts.

Missing parts or spare parts can be requested from Sluban here: https://www.sluban.nl/en/pageid/missend-onderdeel

Cobi has the following page: https://cobitoys.de/kundenservice/ Fehlende- blcke/

At Qman you can find the missing parts service at: https://www.qman-bricks.de/leere-seite66d629f9

If you have missing parts or defective modules from LightSTAX, please contact the contact address given at https://www.light-stax.de/cms/kontakt.html .

I am happy to help with miscast parts from the company Q-Bricks from my range of individual bricks. Please contact hallo@tims Klemmbausteinladen.de

I have not yet found any defective parts or missing parts from BiOBUDDi and the accessory manufacturer Brikkon. However, if there is a problem here, I will try to establish appropriate contact.