About me

From insurance salesman to terminal block dealer

My name is Tim and I decided to open a terminal block shop in Hanover in November 2019. I would like to bring you closer to the big wide world of colorful stones.

It all started with a crazy idea. I was dissatisfied with my employee life as an insurance salesman and needed a new challenge.

Through my children I rediscovered my passion for clamping blocks. Of course, the manufacturer LEGO® was the first point of contact because my family and I were not aware of any other brand. While looking and sorting old LEGO® bricks, I came across videos by Thomas Panke aka "The Hero of Bricks" and Thorsten Klahold aka "Johnnys World" on YouTube, who presented the other brands.

I watched these videos with curiosity. This gave me the initially crazy idea of ​​opening a brick building store myself. I wanted to make the colorful world of other brands accessible to other people.

This gave rise to the business that I run with a lot of heart.

You can find my shop on Grupenstrasse in downtown Hanover.

The world of terminal blocks is colorful and diverse. There is not just one major manufacturer of these great creative products. Many other companies are 100% compatible with the market leader from Denmark.

Many people talk about copies, but those in the know know that the patent expired many years ago and that other manufacturers also have beautiful, colorful and creative sets. You can find some of these other manufacturers in my shop.

This is how you find me:

You can find my little shop in the pedestrian zone of Hanover, a stone's throw from the Marktkirche, a maximum of 5 minutes' walk from Hanover's city center "Am Kröpcke".

You can easily find the shop if you follow the red thread in Hanover. Between numbers 33 and 34 you will find me on Grupenstrasse, diagonally opposite the music store “Musikbrunnen Böhmeke” or exactly opposite the restaurant “grüpchen” and the Hotel an der Marktkirche.