Collection: Kawada nanoblock

Original nanoblock® from Kawada®

The company Kawada® from Japan has been producing nanoblock models since 2008. The stones can be used to build in the same way as with other well-known clamping block companies. The smaller format allows large models to be built with extreme detail.

The smallest nanoblock stone is 4mm x 4mm x 5mm (or small). In relation to the classic clamping block, the nanoblock stone format corresponds to around 1/8 of the normal known stone size.

The level of difficulty of the Kawada® nanoblock® kits is measured in levels from 1 to 5. Level 1 is intended for beginners and level 5 is intended for nanoblock experts, i.e. people who already have a lot of experience with Kawada® nanoblocks®.

The nanoblock® stones clearly differ from the classic clamping blocks on the underside. There are no tubes there, as with the classic stones, but the stones are divided like rails starting from the 2x2 format, so that the nanoblock stones can also be moved individually in order to work out details accordingly. Nevertheless, the stones have a very good clamping force.

However, to make the assembled models last longer, Kawada® recommends using an adhesive so that you can enjoy the finished model for a long time.

If the nanoblock® stones are too small for you, we recommend building the models with tweezers. There are also special tweezers for the nanoblock stones.

The smallest nanoblock building block is 1x1. The largest stone is 8x2 studs.