Qihui 6805 - 2in1 Feuerlöschfahrzeug - Review

Qihui 6805 - 2in1 fire engine - review

A review of the Qihui model 6805 - 2in1 fire engine
The model has 1288 parts and 2 water tanks.
This kit is intended to build 2 different models. One is the large fire engine and the other is a turbo fire engine, as used in chemical accidents.
The package includes clear instructions for the large fire engine. The instructions for the turbo extinguisher or the aerosol fire engine can be downloaded via QR code.
The stones have good clamping force and are of good quality. The model can be steered using the gear wheel mounted at the back. The driver's cab can be tilted down, where the replica engine can be found. This is where the pistons move when the vehicle is moved. In addition, 2 water containers are included, each of which can be attached to a hose. This means that the model can also carry out its firefighting operations properly with water.
The parts of the model are compatible with Technic elements from all other manufacturers. The axles and axle mounts on the new Qihui models have been adapted to the standard dimensions and are now also compatible.
The model is available for 69.99 euros in my online shop or for around 70 euros in my store.
Qihui 6805 - 2in1 fire engine
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