Wange 5970 - Sightseeingtour Bus - Review

Wange 5970 - Sightseeing Tour Bus - Review

A review of the Wange model 5970 - sightseeing tour bus.
The model has 436 parts.
Included is a kit for a double-decker bus and lots of air in the box.
The stones have very good clamping force and are of good quality.

A city tour with the red double-decker bus with panoramic windows through the brick city! The bus is 30 cm long, 16 cm high and approx. 8 cm wide.

The model belongs to the Wange Intercity Bus series.
This is available for 27.99 euros in my online shop or for around 28 euros in my store.
5970 - Sightseeing tour bus
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