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70004 - Timer

70004 - Timer

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Number of components: 107

Assembly time: 3-4 hours.

Model size: 17.3 x 8 x 25.6 cm

A separate lever folds down the sides of the trailer to load or unload the next load perhaps a few bales of hay or other items needed in the field or barn. There are also some tools attached to the trailer, such as a pitchfork, a shovel, as well as a broom and a small bucket, which hangs on the bottom. Each trailer can be easily attached to the tractor with the built-in coupling. Considering time, the mystery that lies behind the natural construct is just as mysterious as the dimension of time itself. Numerous myths and legends surround this event called past, present and future. The fact that this series of events can still be represented mechanically is thanks to the laws of nature themselves, which allow the earth to rotate in an orbit around the sun. This phenomenon, which is also derived from celestial mechanics, is also projected onto the clockwork, which drives a pointer movement using gears in the form of a pendulum or a balance wheel. The UGEARS® timer kit is emblematic of this drive.

The still life, powered by a rubber motor and a rubber band, is made of wood and is composed of a total of 107 components. The pre-cut individual parts can be assembled precisely and create a clockwork in an artistic way. The models from UGEARS® use the style of steampunk, a retrofuturism that emphasizes the beginnings of industrialization. With Kronos, the Greek god of time, the golden age began, which the present work of art stylishly focuses on.


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