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70005 - Dynamometer

70005 - Dynamometer

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Number of components: 48

Assembly time: 2 hours

Model size: 14.7 x 7.2 x 17 cm

The original principle of work is power. This can be used in a variety of ways and the term power transmission gives it a high utility value as a tool. The dynamometer , which as a technical device is equated with the term dynamometer, uses the basic physical principle of force determination under the influence of tensile or compressive forces. Everyone will immediately notice that this gear train from UGEARS® is a mechanical model. 

The construct, made from 48 individual wooden parts, uses various drive systems to make it accessible to the viewer. The self-assembled models from UGEARS® are by no means just objects for display, but also still lifes for decorative purposes. The cultural movement responsible for this, Steampunk, which emerged from cyberpunk, uses a semi-open design that literally allows you to watch the craft at work. Both gear drives and more exotic drive technology, such as the Maltese cross gear, a coupling gear with a coupling loop, are reflected in the attractive job reference. Rather, the total work of art works with small images that randomly accompany the model maker's everyday life. This is a fun everyday balance for every office desk and the first indication that work is about to end.


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