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70020 - combination lock

70020 - combination lock

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Number of components: 34

Assembly time: 2 hours

Model size: 9.7 x 6.6 x 9.8 cm

The lock, whose mechanism was known long before the Roman Empire, is symbolic of the preservation of secrets. This small, attractive construct looks back on a long history and has been interpreted and described in a variety of literary ways. The first combination lock therefore only saw the light of day in the 19th century. However, the template for this is based on the letter lock by Giovanni da Fontana, which was developed as early as 1420.
Inspired by the world bestseller “Da Vinci Code”, the UGEARS® brand developed a cryptex made of high-quality wood. Like all steampunk models from the premium manufacturer, this combination lock is based on the style of retrofuturism and, like the film itself, is a small, highly attractive work of art. In addition to the code lock , which can be equipped with your own code, the cavity inside is a place full of secrets. Revealing this is a mystery that the Kryptex is reluctant to reveal. Stored in the display case, the combination lock consisting of 34 components awaits the solution to its puzzle, which only time can decipher.



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