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70059 - Trimaran Merihobus

70059 - Trimaran Merihobus

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Number of components: 237

Assembly time: 12-15 hours.

Model size : 41 x 23.5 x 56 cm

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With the changeable wind of exciting travel in its sails, the elegant and stylish trimaran Merihobus from Ugears invites you to leave your peaceful harbor and sail away on an exciting mechanical adventure on the high seas.
The Trimaran table model is a classic multihull sailboat whose design reveals a variety of its components such as winches, rigging and hulls. This makes this model an extremely realistic miniature version of real prototypes.
The sailboat's housing, thanks to its skeleton-style construction, guarantees excellent insight into the mechanism and design of the sailboat, down to details such as bulkheads, frames and beams. The rear rudder is controlled via the cables that are connected to the steering wheel at the stern via the pontoons. The wings on the side of the pontoons stabilize the model and at the same time create an optical effect of elevating the boat. The side pontoons are attached to the main body with a loading frame, the design of which corresponds to the style of the boat hulls. They are also equipped with a davit with winch.
The mainsail and the headsail can be raised or lowered like on real trimarans. The mainsail of the trimaran Merihobus is set with the main halyard in the mast groove. The staysail “rolls up” on the stay. The staysail winch is located at the front under the bowsprit. The sail booms are operated using a lever that tensions the sheet of the boom.
The anchor cable winch inside the trimaran has an automatic tensioning mechanism that retrieves the anchor.
For the rigging of the Merihobus, the designers at Ugears used a fine but strong white thread. This ensures that the structure of the boat is elegant and light despite the many small details and that the mast and other elements remain in their positions.
And of course one last pretty detail shouldn't go unmentioned - a small seahorse carved into the bow of the boat. The funny sea creature, also known as Merihobus, gave the boat its name.
Sail away with this outstanding beauty of the seas. Where will it take you today - a cruise around the world? An overseas expedition? Leave the rough seas of everyday life behind you and travel to distant lands with the trimaran Merihobus from Ugears.

The Ugears Trimaran Merihobus kit is made of high quality wood and includes everything you need for assembly. The parts are of first-class quality: a laser method is used to cut them out of a sheet of plywood, which enables precise, precise cuts. The individual parts must be removed from the plate and assembled to assemble the complete model. Like all Ugears models, the Trimaran Merihobus comes with step-by-step and easy-to-understand color instructions in 11 languages ​​(English, German, Ukrainian, French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Chinese and Korean). No glue or special tools are required to assemble the working sailboat.

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