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70159 - Mini biplane

70159 - Mini biplane

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Number of components: 84

Assembly time: 1 hour.

Model size: 15 x 13 x 8 cm

The Wright brothers had the right intuition. When these talented bicycle mechanics set out to design the world's first heavier-than-air powered aircraft, they needed wings that would provide enough lift while being light and strong. They decided on a biplane design, as was known from earlier hang gliders. Biplanes have two rigid wings, one positioned above the other. Both are connected to each other with support struts. The bracing makes a lighter structure of the wings possible. World War I aviators took to the skies in biplanes, and although the Red Baron is known for his iconic crimson triplane, he too spent most of his decorated career in biplanes. The further development of aviation technology and materials meant that the biplane became obsolete from the late 1930s. To this day, however, biplanes remain the classic favorite at air shows.

Ugears is known for its wonderful DIY wooden models, which feature a retrospective, steampunk-style perspective. Therefore, when we decided to add an airplane to our collection of “Easy” level models for young model builders, we could not resist the beauty and historical significance of the biplane. The Ugears mini biplane is both a fun toy and a nice shelf decoration. We chose an open design, with a clear, transparent hull that reveals the model's internal functions. Machines shouldn't have secrets! We want to stimulate the natural curiosity of our young model builders and help them learn more about engines and simple mechanisms.

The mini biplane is a wooden model with a rotating propeller. It is powered by a rubber band motor. To wind it up, you simply pull the model backwards over a surface, then let it go - and you can watch it drive away. No glue or special tools are required to assemble this model kit. Simply press the pre-cut parts out of the wood-based panels and then assemble them. When assembling the aircraft model, don't forget to lightly sand and wax the moving parts to make them run more smoothly. Its toy-like appearance and simple mechanics make the mini biplane an excellent model to introduce beginners to the fascinating world of 3D puzzles, DIY models, automata, robots, wooden puzzle boxes and STEM lab model kits from Ugears to introduce. As your children assemble this wonderful and exciting toy, they are also building their mechanical knowledge and skills.

The mini biplane will delight anyone who loves model airplanes or is interested in aviation. It joins the Aviator (with its interchangeable airplane and helicopter components) and Airplane Starter models from our Ugears Flieger family (which you can also count the fearsome Storm Dragon and the wonderful Butterfly!). Are there children (or adults!) in your family or circle of friends who like airplanes? Why not give them the mini biplane for their next birthday or Christmas? The Ugears Mini Biplane is an easy challenge to complete, a fun creative project for the whole family and an attractive addition to your home's decoration. Ugears will help your children's imaginations soar!


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