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70171 - Pick Up Lumberjack

70171 - Pick Up Lumberjack

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Number of components: 460

Assembly time: 8 hours

Model size: 31.6 x 13.8 x 11.8 cm

This vintage truck is really pretty to look at, but it's not just for looking. The Ugears Pick-up Lumberjack is a work truck that has a job to do, which is to transport lumber (or hay bales, or work equipment - whatever you can imagine)! The DIY wooden model is based on the popular 1959 Chevrolet 3100 and has a 1m x 7mm spring motor (like the powerful Ugears Drift Cobra). This means the pickup can travel up to 6 m and transport loads of 400 to 450 g on the loading area. The knob is stylized to resemble an open-topped air filter protruding from the hood. Lift the hood to see the beautiful V8 engine roaring away!

The Lumberjack pickup truck has 3 modes: R (reverse), N (neutral), D (forward). The spring's energy is transferred to gears to increase the gear ratio and then through the gearbox to the driveshaft, differential and rear axle. A start/stop mechanism in the bed lets you start the truck on command. Since we at Ugears focus on the small, quirky details that make a model exceptional, a small pendulum under the seats simulates the shaking from the powerful engine. Curved plywood gives the model beautiful lines and a 1950s style. The pickup truck's doors can be opened from the inside and outside and the tailgate can be folded down. The front wheels can be turned with the steering wheel and secured for elegant cornering. The Lumberjack pickup also has front and rear suspension so you don't get too shaken on the country roads.

Take a trip back in time, into the woods, with the Lumberjack pickup truck from Ugears. The sun has risen. The fog has cleared, leaving drops of dew on the forest's carpet of moss and ferns. They enjoyed a hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon - something they call the "lumberjack special" at the diner in town. You're ready for work and so is your trusty Chevy truck. You find the old logging road at the edge of the forest and follow the tracks into the dark green heart of the forest. Your muscles are still burning from yesterday's work, your shin is a little bruised from the impact of the log, but your body is energized and longing for real work. They are strong, confident and happy in a way only known to people who work outdoors.


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