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70174 - Dragster

70174 - Dragster

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Number of components: 321

Assembly time: 8 hours

Model size: 39 x 12 x 13 cm

Dragsters are the undisputed kings of the dragster racing circuits. With an acceleration of 1-100 mph in less than a second, a g-force of 5 at takeoff (more than an F-18 catapulted from the deck of an aircraft carrier) and top speeds of 340 mph, the Dragsters are the epitome of technology, power and speed. With their long, dragonfly-shaped bodies, fiery exhaust flames, long tail fins and parachute-like drag chutes, these iconic racing cars have long captured the imagination of lovers of fast cars, exciting head-to-head racing and a touch of crazy. Drag racing — a straight-track drag race — was first held in dry lake basins in California in the 1930s. Regional and national drag racing and motorcycle championships have been held in the United States since the 1950s, and since then the sport has spread to many other countries around the world.

Known for the rich fuel-air mixture containing 90% nitromethane and methanol that powers the cars' 11,000 hp engines (an output equivalent to that of ten Formula 1 cars), a dragster consumes around 41.6 liters of fuel per second - the same consumption like that of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, except the dragster engine is four times more efficient! On the straight, a dragster leaves the fastest Bugatti or Porsche in the dust - there is no competition at all. The quarter-mile (0.4 km) record for dragsters is an incredible 3.6 seconds!

One look at the Ugears dragster will show you that this is no ordinary toy car. The model is powered by a powerful spring motor and a gear set, which transmits the power via the crankshaft and belt drive (a rubber band guided by a tensioning device with a roller) to the rear wheels, which are equipped with special silicone seals for better grip. The DIY wooden model features a start/stop button and switchable gears, and when it takes off, it can rear up on its rear tires just like a real dragster. The dragster has an open “frame” type body, allowing a clear view of the beautiful and exciting mechanics inside this racing car.

To put the model into operation, first make sure that the start/stop button is set to “Stop”. Then turn the non-removable winding knob on the back of the dragster clockwise approximately twelve times. Place the dragster on the ground and while holding it with one hand, switch the start/stop button to “Start” and then release it. Because it is typical for Ugears and because we like to integrate realistic details with a “wow effect”, the supply air flaps are closed in the stop position and open in the start position!


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